Interactive maps


Here are two map of Thingvellir national park that can be explored.

sitelogo.ba4f7426d247.png Map on

googlemapslogs.jpgGoogle maps


With Google map street view you can visit different sites within the park and travel through many of the trails near the assembly site.

gestastofa.jpg Visitor centre at Hakid near viewpoint


utsynisskifa.jpg Main viewpoint near Hakid


logberg.jpg Lögberg - the Law rock


thingkirkja.jpg Þingvellir church


oxfoss.jpg Öxarárfoss waterfall

Safe travel in Iceland
Travellers should prepare well for each trip and know its trail and route conditions.
The THING Project
The THING Project is based on the Thing sites that are the assembly sites spread across North West Europe as a result of the Viking diaspora and Norse settlements.
World heritage
Thingvellir was accepted on the World Heritage list for its cultural values in 2004 at World Heritage Committee meeting in China.
Protection and management
Thingvellir National Park was designated by a special law on the protection of the area, passed by the Alþing on 7th May, 1928.