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Thing Project 2009-2012

The THING Project – Thing Sites International Networking Group - is based on the Thing sites that are the assembly sites spread across North West Europe as a result of the Viking diaspora and Norse settlements. The objective of the project is to exchange knowledge, specify, develop and test new and improved services for sustainable management and business development at the Northern European thing sites. The project results should also contribute to a future nomination process of a serial inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List of the North Atlantic thing sites.

The THING Project is part of the Northern Periphery Programme. The Northern Periphery Programme 2007-2013 aims to help peripheral and remote communities on the northern margins of Europe to develop their economic, social and environmental potential. The success of the programme will be built on joint projects creating innovative products and services for the benefit of the programme partner countries and Europe as a whole.

A variety of interests would benefit from what can be achieved through the THING Project. The main demand is for more in-depth information about the Thing sites and their history and better methods of documentation and dissemination. The outcome of the project will be vital to the tourism industry surrounding the sites at both local and regional levels.

The THING Project will jointly develop a trans-national service model based on the Thing Sites heritage of 6 regions in the Northern Periphery. Furthermore this will be the basis for developing an agenda for future research on the Thing Sites.

The project will develop a common methodology for interpretation for the Thing sites. This will be a common knowledge platform. Guidelines for interpretation and dissemination will be worked out and shared among the partners.The project is expected to have a real impact on regional development in the regions where the Thing Sites are located, especially when it comes to tourism and for developing services based on local and regional cultural and natural heritage and an innovative approach.

The project can be followed on the Thingsites facebook page.

For pictures and videos from the different sites visit the Thing Sites flickr page.

The partners in the project are:
Sogn and Fjordane County
Gulen Municipality and GulatingetThingvellir National Park
Shetland Amenity Trust
Orkney College
The Highland Council, Dingwall
Kunningarstovan, Faroe Islands
Manx National Heritage (Associated partner)