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Diving Terms and Conditions

WAIVER – Individual/diver/snorkeller

Everyone who dives/snorkels within Thingvellir National Park does so at their own risk. The national park is not in any form liable for accidents that occur during diving activities in the area, irrespective of whether the diving activities in question are for commercial or recreational purposes, whether scuba diving or snorkelling.
The diver is responsible for having the requisite certification for scuba diving and for ensuring that all the necessary equipment is on hand and in good condition, and that such equipment meets the requirements of Icelandic laws and regulations and the rules established thereunder.

The diver avows that he/she is in sufficiently good mental and physical health to dive and that he/she has sufficient experience and ability to do so. The diver must independently assess the circumstances each time and make his/her own decision to dive. The diver must find out where, and how deep, he/she may dive and any other restrictions that may apply.

With his/her approval, the diver confirms that he/she has read the instructions of the Icelandic Maritime Administration as regards scuba diving and snorkelling in Thingvellir National Park. Moreover, he/she confirms having assessed the risk inherent in diving in Thingvellir National Park, that he/she understands the risks and that he/she knows that he/she does so at his/her own risk.

It is only permitted to dive or snorkle in a group of minimum two individuals.