Sigurður Vigfússon in 1880

An archaeological dig by antiquarian Sigurður Vigfússon in 1880 was the first in Thingvellir.

A pioneer of Icelandic archaeology, he went to Þingvellir specifically to excavate the ancient parliamentary site. He spent nearly four weeks on the site, carrying out excavations and various other investigations of old structures.

Sigurður Vigfússon's excavations were important and quite extensive, witness the fact that he made excavations in six of the area's best-known remains,  Circular structure on Spöngin, turf wall at  the west  of  Spöngin, ruins in the grassfield at Þingvellir farm, Njálsbúð, Snorrabúð and at Lögberg  which is now generally believed to be the site of Lögberg (the Law Rock).