Thingvellir church 2009-2010 excavation

In 2009 a small excavation took place in a limited area in front of the Thingvellir Church.  The project started as a watching brief due to renovation of the pathway and the entry walkway to the church. When remains started to appear a rescue excavation was conducted.

The excavation took place in a limited area to the west of the of the church door and in a narrow area along the south side of the church  As soon as the walkway  had been removed remains appeared.  In front of the church an older cobbled path was discovered which might have belonged to an older church building.

It is not known from which date it is but most likely it is later than the year 1500. Floorlayer and fireplace were discovered possibly from an earlier booth.  Not much is left of the booth besides the floorlayer and fireplace.

In total  1090 artifacts were found and and registered under 390 find numbers  and some interresting finds, e.g. a copperweigh approx 250. gr and a silver coin from the 10th century.

A report on the findings of the excavation can be downloaded here: