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Uppfært 2.apríl.  Þessi frétt var uppspuni frá rótum í tilefni 1.apríl.

This story is a total fiction due to April fools day 1.April.


Earlier this morning circular patterns appeared on the surface of lake Thingvallavatn due south from the visitor centre.  They were noticed by visitors enjoying the view across the lake from the viewpoint next to the visitor centre.  The water within the circle seems to be dead calm and still like mirror but the water surrounding has normal wave action.  The circles seem to move slowly around.  A low high frequency sound can also be heard.

Hans-Ulrich von Falkenburg a german tourist was the first one to see the circles as he was taking a selfie.  When he looked at his photo he could clearly see the circles.  He notified park rangers who like others have never seen this pattern before.

Few weeks ago rectilinear pattern in the ice was seen on the southern part of lake Thingvallavatn.  This time there is no ice on the lake.  Park rangers are monitoring the phenonema and have notified the authorities.  The circles are best seen from the view point next to the visitor centre where many tourists are  now crowding and taking pictures of the phenomena.