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Use of drones for archaeological surveying

In recent years a project on archaeological surverying and registration has been ongoing managed by Margret Hrönn Hallmundsdottir archaeologist in close cooperation with Thingvellir national park and its staff.    The aim is to document the different archaeological ruins and remains found in the park.

Few years ago Gunnar Grímsson park ranger at Thingvellir national park and an avid drone operator joined the team with his drone expertise.  With the use of his drones and expertise much better overview has been achieved both in the old assembly site and further away in the Thingvellir lava fields.   Gunnar Grímsson finished his B.Sc degree in archaeology in June 2020 and his thesis work described the use of drone technology for archaeological surveying as well as locating few old abandoned farms in the lavafields which location has not been confirmed or not positioned correctly on maps.

His thesis work can be found here (only in Icelandic)