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Attention : This story is a total fiction, April fool´s day prank.

Thingvellir is a popular destination for enjoying the northern lights.  Thousands of visitors come by every winter to enjoy this breathtaking phenomena. Earlier this morning a park ranger on duty found a strange looking large mineral like stone behind the visitor centre.  After a further examination it turned out that the mineral is a fragment of the nothern lights which has fallen to earth late this winter.

According to the Sævar Helgi Bragason the chair of the Icelandic Astronomy Association it is a unique find and the first time a piece of the northern lights are found on the ground.  The possible reason are the intense movements of the northern lights late winter causing them to hyperfracture and disintegrate and fall to the ground.

The northern lights are known to move around and an Icelandic saying goes“Now the Northern lights are dancing“.  It is very fortunate that the piece didn´t hit a tourist at Thingvellir.  Before the piece gets turned into the Museum of Natural History it will be displayed today at the visitor centre at Thingvellir.