Weather on Thingvellir 3,7°C ANA 3 m/s.
27. April 2021

Walking path over Öxará closed

Thingvellir national park had to close the walking trail crossing the islet at the assembly site. That is due to erosion from river Öxará that has made one of the bridges (see map) unstable. 

Three wooden bridges where put over river Öxará to connect, for walking traffick, between Lögberg and Flosagjá. Both places quite popular to visit and enjoy. 

There is though of course numerous other walking trails and to visit the places mentioned it is an easy hiking circle that visitors can go. One way, for example, would be to start at P2, head into Almannagjá to Lögberg, go from there to Valhöll (P5), next follow the path towards Thingvellir church and from there to Flosagjá. The final route is on asphalt back to P2.