Weather on Thingvellir 8,4°C N 7 m/ s.

The Money Ravine at Thingvellir dried up.

Earlier this morning the park rangers at Thingvellir national park noticed that the well known fissure Peningagja (Money Ravine) had dried up. This is an unique geologic event and there are no historical records of this having happend before. The Money ravine is a well known destination at Thingvellir where tourists have thrown coins in as a wishing well for the last hundred years.  This morning coins where found on the dried out bottom of the ravine. In between the coins creditcards could also be found but tourist have also thrown them into the deep icecold water due to larger more expensive wishes.

Geologist Hrafntinna Bergsdóttir from the Earth, Wind and Fire department of the Mets office is certain this is the result of a reverse dry magma dyke intrusion related to the recent dramatic geologic activity at the Reykjanes Peninsula. The intrusion has reached unusually deep and interfered with Hengill volcano swarm south of Thingvellir causing a sudden dry spell in the rift.

The staff at Thingvellir national park fenced the rift of in order to keep hoarders away and keep safe two meters distance between guests. They will collect the coins and the findings will be used for the benefit of the national park. A webcam has been setup where oneline visitors can follow this unique event and the link can ve found here.