Parking at Þingvellir

The parking lots around the assembly site are identified by a number and a color as well as the nearest site name.

Here is a map with the main trails and parking lots. You can take care of parking payment online at

From 16.05.2016 Thingvellir national park is charging parking fees on designated parking areas around the assembly site.

The ministry of Environment and Natural resources agredd up on a new set up of service fee 29.07.0218.

The parking affected:
P1 Hakid:     By the Visitor centre at  Hakid next to the viewpoint at the upper end of Almannagjá. 
P2 Fossplan: At two parking lots near the assembly fields and Öxarárfoss.
P5 Valhöll:    To the south of the assembly site.

The charge for a daypass on all the parking lots is as follows:

A) Passenger car, 5 seats or less - 750 ISK

B) Passenger car, 6-8 seats - 1000 ISK

C) Bus,  9-19 seats - 1800 ISK

D) Bus 20, seats or more - 3500 ISK

The ticket is valid for the day at all parking lots. This automatic - camera run system runs plates with list from Icelandic Transport Authority.  There will be parking machines at the parking lots and inside the Visitor centre.  Payment can also be done online on

The parking pay machines accept all major credit/debit cards.

Those who have a placard for disability are not required of payment. They will though have to inform a member of staff our visitor centre and give up the car´s licence plate number or send and email to

 For further info please contact  or .

A map of Thingvellir. Seen from Service centre in the north south to Öxarárfoss.
Parking lots around assembly site

Service fee for parking is at parking lots P1, P2 and P5.