Successful Meeting Yesterday

Yesterday, a successful work day took place at Þingvellir. All the staff met and reviewed the summer's schedule, which is already looking quit packed with some highlights around 15-16 of June when we celebrate Iceland´s republic 80th anniversary. 

Various procedures for the summer, upcoming guided tours, traffic control and safety issues were reviewed.

We had a great lecture from The national Queer Organisation of Iceland and the local Fire department.

Fire Extinguished

Practising the use of fire extinguisher. It is good to have tried this before a real fire breaks out.
The NatThe national park has an agreement with HSU for the presence of an ambulance in the national park from 9 - 17 every day. It is important for the National Park staff to know what items are where in the car if they need to assist the ambulance operator.ional Park has also invested in water backpacks to deal with wildfires.

Peeking at the paramedics gear.

The national park has an agreement with the Healthcare Institute of South Icelandto have located a paramedic in the National Park. Here the staff were looking at the paramedics car and learn about what he has so they are prepared to help out.

Going over safety issues

Here are instructions and safety protocols being briefed.

Safety and Rescue

Þingvellir has some gear for safety and rescue at hand. It is though necessary to get familiar with the gear if something happens.