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Diving is permitted in two submerged rifts in the National Park;

  • Silfra is one of the best spots for diving in Iceland and many people find the rift unique on an international scale. The reason for its fame is the astounding visibility in the clear, cold ground water and the magnificent surroundings.
  • Davíðsgjá. is in the north-eastern part of Lake Þingvallavatn. The rift is in the lake itself and to reach it you have to swim some distance. It is quite shallow nearest to the bank, but deepens and widens further out.

Divers have to fulfil all regulations and conditions regarding qualification and equipment for diving. They must abide by all rules concerning diving and agree to respect the National Park regulations.

It is prohibited to:

  • dive alone
  • enter caves while diving
  • dive to a greater depth than 18 meters.

Divers are required to have a dry suite certificate or 10 registered dry suit dives in the last two years.

The proof of the latter must be a written confirmation by an instructor affiliated with an internationally recognized diving organization.

Dive operators will require medical information for their guests and wet suit diving is now prohibited.

Diving is entirely at the divers' own responsibility and risk.

Diving permits in Silfra must be obtained before diving or snorkeling. Permits can be obtained either by clicking here or at the park´s Visitor or Service Centre´s upon arrival.

Thingvellir national park does not offer diving tours or rents out equipment for diving. Multiple dive operators offer tours and services for diving in Silfra and elsewhere in Iceland.