Closed Trails

From snowy days to rainy days the weather has put some strain on the nationals park´s infrastructure. In January river Öxará took part of our walking platform that lies from Lögberg to Flosagjá. The bridges over river Öxará are therefore inaccessible.  This route is now closed until the walkway can be repaired.

Extremely icy condition has resulted in closing of Stutti stígur. That trail is the shortest connection between Valhöll, P5 and Almannagjá. It is still possible to walk along Búðastígur north towards Lögberg and then up the steps into Almannagjá. 

The path up to waterfall Öxarárfoss is also quite slippery and we strongly recommend the use of crampons when hiking there.

The map below shows paths in the area. Closed paths are marked with red square and red lines in them. 

Map of the most popular sites

Closed paths are shown with red square

Platform that drifted away

Due to raining in January river Öxará swept our walking platform away.