Cross Country Skiing at Þingvellir 06.02

Our cross-country skiing tracks are ready again. We managed to renew our tracks today, 06.02.2024. 

The cross country skiing tracks are only single lane and there might be some snow still on the trail. This is not a fast track lanes, rather nature enjoying kind of trails. Please beware that there are rifts and cracks on the way so we recommend to stay on the tracks.  

Starting point is in Vallarkrókur or at P2, just below Öxarárfoss
The track goes from Vallarkrókur east towards Skógarkot (2 km). At Skógarkot you have two options. 
 1. Hrauntún (3 km). Head north towards Hrauntún. At one point you will have to cross road 36, take care around the passing traffic. Then you continue to Hrauntún which used to be farm until 1930. But like other farms in the rift valley had to stop operation when the national park was establish. After some stop and enjoying breath taking nature the tracks go no further so it is best to return the same way back. But on your way back you will have great view of the magnificent lake Þingvallavatn. 

  2. Tjarnir (2 km). You can head east from Skógarkot towards Tjarnir which is a pond next to the northeastern end of lake Þingvallavatn. From there it is best to return back the same way. It is possible to go after road 361 to Silfra and Flosagja and from there figure your way  to Vallarkrókur where your car is parked. 
Here you can get the map in pdf and here as jpeg.
The track is blue in color.

Please stay on track as rifts and ravines can be hidden under snow.