Gosling saved

Ranger and the Gosling

Ranger Einar Hallgrímsson with the gosling saved

There are plenty of Greylag goose (Anser anser) at Þingvellir national park during the summer days. Some of them raise their goslings in the early summer while and they have grown quite big now in middle of July. We are though still seeing young goslings.

In general, the staff of Þingvellir national park do not interfere with the course of nature within the park. It can though happen that we find some compassion within our hearts when a young bird is self trapped.


Rangers Einar Hallgrímsson and Jónas Guðnason found a gosling in Þingvellir´s many rifts. The small bird was not able to get up on shore while his group was starting to head away. It does happen that goslings are left to fend on their own if they can not get up on shores.

This is thoug a short story of a lucky goslings. The ranger were able to retrieve the young bird up and when they let him loose he was able to rejoin is group which seemd to accept him again.