Safety and Rescue course at Silfra

Rangers on safety and rescue course with paramedic by fissure Silfra
Allar hendur á brettið

A practice to bring the safety supplies to the ascent at Silfra.

Today, a safety exercise was held at Silfra. Höskuldur Friðriksson, a paramedic from the Healthcare Institution of South Iceland (HSU) located at Þingvellir, held the course for the staff of Þingvellir national park.

The course covered what supplies he and the national park has available, how to get a person in need out of Silfra and how to use mechanism like defibrillator.

Rangers on safety and rescue course with paramedic

Diving and snorkeling has been a popular activity here at Þingvelir. Visitors come to enjoy the unique nature, the clarity of the water and the adventure that comes with snorkeling in the cold water

In recent years, the national park at Þingvellir has had a contract with HSU to have a paramedic located at Þingvellir. Is it part of increasing the national park´s visitors safety.
Although it is usually safe to dive and snorkle in Silfra with a good guide, the activity is not entirely without danger.

The exercise is an important part of increasing the capacity of the national park staff to deal with accidents when they occur.

Rangers on safety and rescue course with paramedic at Silfra fissure
Rangers on safety and rescue course with paramedic by fissure Silfra
Cold Excercise?

The water in Silfra is around 3-4 degrees on Celsius. However, it was a little warmer than the surface temperature, which was well below freezing.

Todays exercise was first held at a similar time last year. It will then be repeated for the next shift so that all staff have similar training. Then, as usual, a first aid course will be held in May.

There are a lot of things to consider when visitor arrivals are somewhere around 1.5 million per year. First aid courses, safety drills and getting familiar with available equipment are all part of ensuring the safety of guests as much as possible.

In the Snow

First aid practiced under harsh condition.